Today was insanely busy at the store.  I ran around answering questions, kept shelves stocked, listened to complaints, made sure our Holiday Helper event ran smoothly, made sure I had the appropriate staff to cover the store needs for the day, and dealt with situations, people and problems that were ever-changing and never-ending.  And ohhhhhhhhhhhh the thoughts that ran through my head all day long, spoken or not!

  • Did I just see a large human bumblebee come in the store?

  • No, I wouldn’t call her haircolor red.  It’s more of a…. ummmm…. a cantaloupe color.

  • Oh child, you need to either pull those pants UP or pull that shirt DOWN.  Come to think of it, I don’t think that’s possible.

  • Isn’t it amazing that she could manage to put the box of Kleenex in her cart, get it on the counter to pay for it, take the bag in her hand and then wear out so quickly as to have to have a carryout to her car?

  • Good Lord, how long DOES it take to count out 98 cents in pennies?

  • I’m sorry, but despite all the technological advances in our business it is still impossible to look up a receipt when you’ve used cash.  How COULD we be so backwards?

  • Have people forgotten how to smile?

  • Oh how I love picking up all your dirty kleenex, trash and food containers out of the carts you use!

  • I believe the carts MIGHT be a little wet since it is raining outside.  Let me run out between the raindrops and see if I can find you a dry one!

  • It would’ve been sooo nice if she’d come to work with at least half of the brain cells that she seemed to feel the need to leave at home.

  • Doesn’t she realize that wearing heels that high make her look like she’s walking funny?

  • I think I wore something like that in junior high school and it doesn’t look any better today than it did back then.

  • OMG please tell me Lycra isn’t making a comeback!

  • Do these people own mirrors?????