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I found something I’ve been looking for today… I found a church “home”.  One where I’m comfortable, can be me, can sing at the top of my lungs and dance and clap if I want to…. where I can fellowship and praise and worship God with all I am. From the moment I walked in the door, the joy of the Lord surrounded me and never let me go.  And I knew I was home!

I’ve believed in God and Jesus Christ my whole life.  I’ve gone to church off and on through the years, never finding one that truly fed my spirit and my heart.  I’d go for awhile thinking that perhaps something would touch my heart, but I would eventually walk away having never found anything more than a glorified social group.  Instead I would spend time alone reading His Word and listening to His music, always longing for more fellowship in a church home but never quite finding it.

Until today!

It wasn’t a chore to get up and dressed and go to church.  It was a joy!

Living proof prayers DO get answered.