Today I began the annual “untangling of the lights”.  How DOES that happen?  I mean…. they went into the box in a nice neat strand so why don’t they come out that way?

And so I began with the inside… bringing up my two small trees to place on the hearth.  I’ve given up the larger tree with it’s mishmosh of treasured ornaments since it is just me here for the holidays now and it’s become a bit much for me to handle by myself.  Those are packed and ready for A to take with her when she has her own home and the ability for a larger tree.  These smaller trees suit me just fine…. clear white lights with homespun ornaments and lighted garland rimming the fireplace.  With everything inside in place, I headed out for errands.

Only to be greeted by the most beautiful weather I could imagine in November and the sight of my neighbors putting up their outdoor lights.  Nope….. that’s for the day before Thanksgiving when I have another day off work.

And when I got home and had a taste of the beautiful outdoors, my plans changed and I began dragging boxes out of the garage.  Up went the lighted garland around the deck.  Piece of cake!  Then came the lights to ring the flower garden with… a bunch of lights that looked nice and neat in the box but came out in a hopeless tangle.  After managing to get two strands up I struggled for a half hour in the growing dark with the next strand searching for that one elusive bad bulb that wouldn’t let the others light.

I never found it.

I’ll buy another strand when I go to work tomorrow.

They’ll work.

If they don’t, I’ll take them back!

As it stands, I’m going to finish the lights around the door tomorrow before work (which I’ve tested and they all work fine NOW – we’ll see when I actually get them up) and buy some more so I can finish the rest of it on Wednesday.

Why do I do this?  After all, it’s just me and it’s a whole lot of work.

Because as it grows dark at the end of a day that’s been spent working in a world where the most important thing seems to be whether there’ll be a Wii underneath the tree this Christmas, I come home to a world that’s lit with calm peaceful brilliant light.

And it reminds me of the one most brilliant Light of all…. Jesus!

The REAL reason for the season.