When I was in Lousiana visiting A, we got up and headed to church on Sunday morning.  I had so been looking forward to being in church with my daughter again, to sing and worship and fellowship, and it was a wonderful morning.   But little did I know what an impact that one service would have on my life as I know it.

LET IT GO!  Whatever burdens are weighing you down in life and keeping you from a fuller relationship with God and a fuller life …. LET THEM GO! 

On the 11 1/2 hour drive there as well as back, I’d debated with my “burden” every mile I drove.  Knowing in my heart what needed to be done but wondering where on earth I would find the strength to make the change.  And upon hearing the pastor’s words, I knew where that source of strength would come from now and forever.  Over the past week I’ve gone back and forth over the issues of that burden until today….

I LET IT GO!  Once and for all.

I woke up this morning knowing somehow I would today.

Letting go of that burden hasn’t been without pain and tears, though the tears are of relief and release rather than sorrow.

And His hand is on me through it all!