There are no strangers in life… only people we haven’t met yet.  One of the reasons I love my job so much are all the people I meet, and as a manager for a major retailer I meet plenty of em!

After my trip to Louisiana to see A and a few days at home getting things organized before I head into the crush of the year that is Christmas I found myself really ready to get back to work.  My HR manager called me the night before I asked if I’d like to spend my first day back out in the field with him working on a major interviewing blitz for several stores and I jumped at the chance even knowing I’d be putting in a 12 hour day.  Different atmosphere…. new stores… meeting new people…. who could refuse?

After completing 30 interviews, I seriously think I interviewed every form of human life possible yesterday!

Out of the 30, I hired approximately 16 well-spoken, energetic people.  Mothers who felt it was time to get back into the workplace, young women who wanted a place to work that would give them the opportunity for growth, retirees who wanted something to do with their days that would bring them around people, high school students trying to save up for their first car.

And I had to take a pass on the rest.  The man who hadn’t held a job longer than 4 months over the last few years because “it was everyone else’s fault”, the young man who told me that his biggest area of opportunity was his sense of ambition (at least he was honest!), the woman who could speak little if any English and kept telling me not to make notes of her answers if they were the wrong ones, the young girl who was so painfully shy that she couldn;t look me in the eye while we were speaking even for one second, the man who told ME that he’d only work one day a week for 4 hours.  And last but not least, the young girl who left her previous jobs because of issues with her piercings.  No that is not an issue where I work unless it’s a distraction or a safety hazard.  Yes she had one left.  And yes it was distracting!  Placed exactly where Cindy Crawford’s mole resides, this large purple stone with the post that was too long INSISTED on wiggling with every word she spoke…. and I had to tear those words out of her.

And the one that touched my heart most?  The 73 year old retiree who had just lost his wife to cancer, living with his son, needing something to fill his time and had thought of working there because his wife had loved the store so much. 

I didn’t hire him.  There was nothing available that would fit his needs and ours.  But I did take the time to sit and chat and listen through the “man tears”.  I hope in some way I touched his heart with my time.  I know he did mine.

Oh to love and be loved like that!

I met all kinds yesterday – that’s what makes the world go around isn’t it?  And I came home exhausted.

Who’da thunk I’d be so tired from talking all day?