A few days ago I was sitting on A’s balcony sipping coffee in somewhat chilly but balmy weather.  Today I’m sitting here in Illinois huddled up in my flannel pj’s trying to decide just how many layers of clothing I can get away with wearing today before I have to start stripping them off and then putting them back on again.  Yesterday I woke up to 26 degrees and a flurry of leaves from the big chestnut tree floating to the ground.  Needless to say….. the tree is naked!  And I have some raking to do.

My visit with A was fabulous!  I had a tough time saying that last “see ya later” before I hit the road.  Words can’t do justice… just spending time with her was pure heaven whether we were shopping for LSU coffee mugs or sitting in a coffeehouse or watching the LSU-Bama game.  GEAUX TIGERS!  Heart attack in the making! 

11 hours in the car… had me my Jesus music cranking all the way home and singing at the top of my lungs (more than likely causing the occassional trucker to look over and wonder what the crazy lady was doing) and doing a whole lot of soul searching and thinking and thanking God for this past weekend with A.

And now here I am looking at the leaves on the ground…. did I mention I have some raking to do?